They’ve never played a New York team on Monday night

Edit: Here my /r/outoftheloop post from when it happened to me last time. Not sure why ledtim is trying to throw me under the bus here suggesting I been anything less than transparent. Using a title of a post that was written with the intent to harass me is obviously gonna paint me in a pretty unflattering light..

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We spent an hour+ talking about music festivals every single time I was there and it always came back to Electric Forest. He rambled on about “family” and how it was a judgement free environment full of fun and friends. The passion he spoke with was something I wanted.

MONDAY NIGHT WOES: The Bengals played two Monday night games last season and lost both, leaving them 11 22 all time on Monday nights. They’ve never played a New York team on Monday night. They beat Miami on Thursday night earlier this season, and have two more night games scheduled: hosting Pittsburgh on Sunday, Dec.

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