They sought venture capital funds from Mike Markkula

Very much so. No trade war, maintaining healthy alliances, actually confronting dictators instead of praising and groveling to them, no Muslim ban, no family separation and caging of immigrant children or citizens having their passports revoked because of the color of their skin, no Jeff Sessions, no Kavanaugh to install protections for a criminal president, no blatant constant lying or demonizing the press, more respect, better economic policies, better immigration policies, better chance at universal health care and marijuana legalization, just better all around. But those damn emails..

2007 Dell announces intension to offer desktop and laptop computer models running Ubuntu Linux. Novel/SuSE, Xandros, and Linspire negotiate agreements with Microsoft to offer interoperability and avoid law suits, as Microsoft claims that Linux projects infringe on 230 Microsoft patents. (The “double click” is one such example).

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Responding to a bad performance review is not easy. Avoid taking any action that could be viewed as retaliatory, even if you believe you are being singled out by your employer. Instead, maintain careful records of your performance and other evidence to support your claims, in case you leave or are dismissed at a later date.

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Both Apple Computer founders realized that the Apple II was much more advanced than anything else out there. They sought venture capital funds from Mike Markkula, a former Intel executive, who believed in the potential of their little company. He gave them $250,000 in support and from there they launched the Apple II..

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