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One issue with worm holes is that the same equations that allow for them to form, also say that the hole will nearly simultaneously close, crushing anything inside the hole. Some have theorized that there could be some type of “exotic” matter that might be able to keep the wormhole open due to antigravity effects that the matter would have; but this matter most likely also would need to be humanly produced or created in some way. Stable worm holes don occur naturally in space as far as we know, but it may be possible one day to manipulate an area of space where worm holes are forming and simultaneously disappearing, and keep those holes open with negative or exotic matter..

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The HTC Hero has been out for a while now but it is still an excellent choice if you just entering the world of smartphones. HTC Sense UI (user interface) is an easy to use and highly customizable interface and the fact that the phone has GPS, Wi Fi, and is app enabled means that there are endless possibilities for its use. This being said, the hardware on this phone is not the fastest while the software was built for a faster phone (they use the same software on their newer phones, the Incredible and Evo).

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